6 primary facial expressions, 25 fps

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6 HD clips of various emotional expressions


It’s said that humans have 6 primary expressions. Like the primary colors, they combine together to make the entire range of facial expressions.

And here they are. The actor shows each expression in gradually more extreme ways, so you can pick how high you’d like them to be dialed up. These are model-released, royalty-free stock footage clips, so you can use them in commercial productions.

These are good to put in a production as reaction shots. You can have the actor reacting to whatever you’d like.

You can purchase these individually from my collections on Shutterstock or Pond5. All together, they would cost you about 480 US dollars.

but of course you’ll get a better deal here on my site. Click on the names below to see the full videos on youtube with a watermark, so you can see what you’re buying.

Anger      Disgust     Fear     Joy     Sadness     Surprise

Altogether, these sell for about 480 dollars on the stock footage sites above.


They’re yours today for only 99.

Download links will be provided to you upon purchase.